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SEED Renewable Energy Resources Forecasting Engine

Greifswald, Germany: Geopredict GmbH, a German SME backed by European Space Agency, European Innovation Council and German Regional governments, today is pleased to announce the availability of its SEED Energy Resources Forecasting Engine, a cross-platform technology for faster implementation of reliable renewable energy resources modeling and forecasting for planning and Operations and Maintenance needs.

With the worldwide transition to increasing renewable energy production there is a raising interest and demand for accurate prediction of renewable energy resources by Renewable Energy companies. “We listen to our customers and developed the SEED Energy Resources Forecasting Engine built using our critically acclaimed self-organizing knowledge mining technology for generating missing high-resolution local short to long-term atmosphere and energy forecasts,” says Frank Lemke, CEO at geopredict. “Our innovation is based on direct use of Earth Observation Satellite data, AI, and High-Performance Computing and allows for accurate forecasting at local level without subscribing to costly and non-location specific third-party longer-term weather forecasting products.”

Features and benefits of the SEED Energy Resources Forecasting Engine include.

  • Autonomously, generates site-specific energy resources forecasts hours to years ahead with industry leading performance 
  • Fast, parallel cross-platform adaptable technology with its library that has easy implementations in Renewable Energy company computing environments and workflows
  • Generates mathematical model equations for results interpretation and knowledge formation which gives users a special competitive advantage

Geopredict starts offering its SEED Energy Resources Forecasting Engine to Indian energy companies this summer to support them in their energy forecasting and sustainability efforts. Other regions will follow later this year. Prices are available on request. 

About geopredict GmbH: Geopredict GmbH develops high-resolution geo-forecasting services and products at the intersection of satellite earth observation, high-performance computing, and AI. The company addresses industrial and societal challenges of high-resolution spatiotemporal forecasting in energy, climate, oceanography, agriculture, and geology. It has received a number of competitive grants from the European Innovation Council, the European Space Agency, and from German national and regional funding programs to support the company's innovation. The company takes responsibility for current global challenges and sustainable development.

geopredict takes responsibility for current global challenges and sustainable development

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