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With the rise in human population and the need for sustainable food supply for existing and the growing, it is important to develop sustainable agriculture intelligence that has the capability to forecast the extreme climate change effects on various crop production and markets with high accuracy.

Our CLIMFOR Technology provides solutions through its powerful AI forecasting system to provide intelligence on crop growth, yield and economics with the intersection of Climate Forecasting, and models developed specifically for plant growth and their market economics using Self-Organizing High Dimensional Knowledge Extraction technologies from BIG DATA bases of Atmosphere, Crops, and Markets. 

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ArtiGROW is a new project that utilizes CLIMFOR technology modeling and forecasting for plant growth. It is supported by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research (BMBF), Germany from 2023 to 2026.

In ArtiGROW, together with University of Greifswald and Hochschule Stralsund, we will develop a predictive biomathematical model for above- and below-ground plant growth for decision support in farming. It integrates real-time monitoring of above-ground growth parameters from satellite-based earth observation data and below-ground root growth parameters from automated minirhizotrons, reference data on plant type and soil as well as data from other agronomic models. The development of an AI-based model for predicting the influence of environmental conditions and of auxiliary substances such as fertilizers or pesticides on root growth and root health is of particular interest.

All the latest developments in ArtiGROW will be regularly updated here.

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geopredict predictive knowledge factory and forecasting services

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