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European Space Agency funds geopredict GmbH for feasibility study in Agri-PV, study partners include Fraunhofer CSP, Halle and Hochschule Anhalt, Köthen

02.10.2023, Greifswald, Germany: geopredict GmbH is pleased to announce that it has won the SUSTAINABLE SYNERGIES: INTERCONNECTED SYSTEMS FOR POSITIVE IMPACT feasibility study call by European Space Agency (ESA) BASS (Business Applications - Space Solutions) program, with the study title “Digitalization of Agri-Photovoltaics forecasting system using Earth Observation & Ground data (DAPV)” with start date 02nd Oct. 2023.

The goal of DAPV feasibility study is to understand the user requirements from various stakeholders in Agri-PV (APV), focusing mainly on open and vertical APV systems, and develop the required service architecture for a short-to-long-term intelligent forecasting decision supporting system for power generation, crop-growth, O&M as well as the APV design and economics, using high-resolved space-based earth observation (EO) data as well as APV in-situ ground data, using geopredict’s disruptive deep-learning and AI-based forecasting technology system CLIMFOR and its derived technologies as well as inputs from collaboration with academic, research institute and industry partners. This service will be put to a small proof-of-concept study and the results will be part of the final technical feasibility study of such service.

This study will be performed by geopredict in collaboration with research and academic partners, Fraunhofer CSP, Halle and Hochschule Anhalt, Köthen, respectively, as part of the study team and in cooperation with APV industrial partners. Based on the success of this 9 months feasibility study, the follow-on steps for a potential demonstration project with full product development and execution of the services designed in the study will be planned. 

For more details and interests to participate in the study, please contact: Dr.-Ing. Sanjeev Kumar Gurram 

About geopredict GmbH: Geopredict GmbH develops high-resolution geo-forecasting services and products at the intersection of satellite earth observation, high-performance computing, and AI. The company addresses industrial and societal challenges of high-resolution spatiotemporal forecasting in energy, climate, oceanography, agriculture, and geology. It has received a number of competitive grants from the European Innovation Council, the European Space Agency, and from German national and regional funding programs to support the company's innovation. The company takes responsibility for current global challenges and sustainable development.

geopredict predictive knowledge factory and forecasting services

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