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Welcome to the geo-forecasting knowledge factory.

forecasting services at the intersection of 

satellite earth observation, high-performance computing, and AI. 

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Regional atmosphere from short to medium term forecasts of temperatures, ozone concentration, cloud cover, aerosols, rainfall, risk assessment and insurance, and others.

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Responsible Agriculture

Regional short to medium term forecasts of temperatures (crop yields), water resources and demand, droughts, floods.

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Location-specific short to medium term forecasts of renewable (wind, solar) power generation, long term resource forecasts, for existing and new plants, storage management.

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Geo-forecasting Consultancy

Consultancy with CLIMFOR technology for new use cases like marine (sea surface chlorophyll-a concentration, sea temperature, salinity and others in 2D and 3D space), geology, wildfire risk, space weather.

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About geopredict

geopredict is a geo-forecasting knowledge factory run by a motivated, open minded, committed, international team with a proven track record in key areas such as self-organizing modeling and forecasting of complex systems from observation data under incomplete information, web applications, network security, climate and energy forecasting, and management of enterprise-wide business and technology programs within global corporations and international organizations. 

The company develops next-generation forecasting services and products at the intersection of satellite earth observation, high-performance computing, and AI. It addresses industrial and societal challenges of high-resolution spatiotemporal forecasting in energy, climate, oceanography, agriculture, and geology. geopredict has received a number of competitive grants from the European Innovation Council, the European Space Agency, and from German national and regional funding programs to support the company's innovation.  Arrow Up Right From Square   The company takes responsibility for current global challenges and sustainable development.

geopredict predictive knowledge factory and forecasting services

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